Canna or Not?

by Val McGruder  The first year I planted Canna’s, they were lovely and I delighted in how tall and vibrant they were.

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By Nancy Engberg   Yikes!  Our too brief summer is already over.  June and July you worked your fingers to the bone


Monarchs, Muppets, and Milkweed

By Val McGruder I love butterflies, especially Monarchs, and while I knew basic information about them, I wanted to know more.  Through

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What’s the Deal with Dahlias?

By Val McGruder, Hennepin County Master Gardener I never planned to become a “Dahlia Dabbler.” I purchased the tubers intending to send

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Herbs in the Middle Ages

By Deb Revier, Hennepin County Master Gardener Herbs have always had an air of mystery surrounding them. They have been used for

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Invasion of the Creeping Bellflower

By Meleah Maynard, Hennepin County Master Gardener Here’s a good piece of gardening advice. If someone says that they have a ginormous

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