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What’s the best way to manage Japanese beetles?2018-04-15T21:43:23-05:00

The Japanese beetle (JB) is a serious pest of turf and ornamental plants. Grubs feed on the roots of grass and adults feed on the foliage of more than 300 plant species.

Learn about Japanese beetle management in Minnesota from the University of Minnesota Extension.

Is this plant a weed?2018-04-15T21:44:02-05:00

Have you found a plant growing where it’s not wanted? Is it a weed? A weed is defined as any plant that is considered undesirable, unattractive, or troublesome, especially one growing where it is not wanted. The Extension’s diagnostic tool is designed to help you identify and manage common and invasive weeds in Minnesota lawns and landscapes.

Visit the University of Minnesota Extension site to learn more.

How do I test my soil?2018-04-15T21:45:52-05:00

Soil testing is available through the University of Minnesota Soil Testing Laboratory. A soil test is the best way to determine the level of nutrients available in your soil. Test results will tell you the amount and type of nutrients your plants need. The test also measures the soil pH, that is, how acidic or alkaline your soil is. You can also request tests for micronutrients.

Visit the University of Minnesota Soil Testing Laboratory site to learn more.

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