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Hydroponic Gardening the Very Easy Way

An interactive Workshop

Presenter: Larry Cipolla, Published Author and Master Gardener in Hennepin County

*Note: The session will start on time and last approximately two hours, though the room has been reserved for these times for anyone who wants to ask additional questions and to avoid going back out into the cold.

Oh goodie, the joys of winter: snow, cold, wind, ice, frozen ground and no gardening. Cannot wait for spring planting? Why wait? Grow your own pesticide-free veggies and herbs now and all year-round with hydroponics. Take control of what you eat. Grow it in water. No soil. No bugs. No soil diseases. No weeding. No threat from Jumping Earthworms. No gardening experience needed. You could do this.

Who: Welcome to all master gardeners, interns, spouses, partners, neighbors, believers and skeptics.

What you will learn: The focus of this interactive workshop will be on the deep-water culture (DWC) hydroponic system. It is the oldest and most proven system. It is the easiest to set up, maintain, expand and the least expensive system. Use it indoors and outdoors to grow any veggie or herb.

Through a step-by-step process you will learn about the passive DWC system; how to grow what you want in standard, low-cost food-safe containers (buckets, totes and PVC tubes); the basic materials and supplies you need; how to start seeds or use store-bought plants; what fertilizers to use and what types of quick-easy plants to grow and how to extend your harvest. You will also learn how schools (K-12) supply their harvest internally to their cafeterias and externally to their local community food shelves.

Upon completion of this interactive session you should be able to set up a system in your own home, apartment, condo or assisted-living facility. In the meantime, you will receive a free starter container, complete with a veggie-plant and fertilizer. Just add water. No need to wait for the spring-thaw. Enjoy.

Questions throughout the session are welcome. Handouts provided. Signed copies of my book, Hydroponic Gardening The Very Easy Way, will be available for sale, discounted, from Amazon.com